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U.S. denies rift between Trump, Senate head

27 Août 2017

The spread between one- and three-month bills has collapsed to roughly 1.6 basis points, the flattest since February, as investors start demanding higher rates on one-month paper relative to three-month securities in order to compensate for default risk. Senate Republican leaders were reportedly considering tying a debt-limit increase to the veterans' bill before the August recess. And that would be not only a problem for McConnell and his hold on his caucus but on - for Trump as well because if he wants to get anything done, he needs that majority.

Trump lashed out against McConnell again Thursday morning on Twitter.

McConnell, after the story, said he and the White House have shared goals.

Trump issued a warning to Congress about funding his proposed wall along the southern US border during a speech at the American Legion's National Convention in Reno, Nevada, on Wednesday.

President Trump made a blowing message to his critics and the "obstructionist" Democrats.

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The head of an immigration watchdog is praising President Donald Trump for threatening a government shutdown if funding for a U.S. -Mexico border wall fails to happen. "We're still committed to making sure that gets raised".

Ryan countered yesterday, using his grown-up voice, saying, "I don't think a government shutdown is necessary, and I don't think most people want to see a government shutdown, ourselves included", Ryan said.

During this same period, Trump ramped up his feud with Arizona's Republican senators, taking veiled shots at Jeff Flake and John McCain during his Phoenix rally, and later tweeting: "Not a fan of Jeff Flake, weak on crime & border!" In Democratic administrations, many Republicans have demanded spending cuts as the price of avoiding a government default. The measure includes $784 million for 32 miles of new border fencing and $498 million for 28 miles of levee wall in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas; another $251 million would go to building back-up fencing in the heavily fortified San Diego area, AP reported.

Sanders also downplayed friction between the White House and congressional Republicans. They last time they did talk, they essentially yelled at each other on the phone because the president was steamed that Mitch said to a newspaper that he was inexperienced and naive when it came to the way Congress worked and he shouldn't have expected things to work that fast. It would interfere with the President's top priority - a tax plan to help rebuild the economy.

U.S. denies rift between Trump, Senate head