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Taylor Swift's new song is stirring up drama

27 Août 2017

And she threw in the album's cover art for good measure: a black-and-white photo of herself - head and shoulders, in slouchy sweater, hair swept back - against a backdrop of newsprint reading, simply, "Taylor Swift" over and over again.

Swift's chorus could be seen as a summation of Arya's entire storyline - Arya didn't want this violent life, but murderous forces beyond her control turned her into a lethal assassin to survive. Her release ended the three year wait for new music and is seemingly about her beef with Kanye West.

She may be dead, but the new Taylor Swift is using some of her old tricks and caused further shock by giving Right Said Fred an unlikely writing credit.

Taylor Swift has ditched the ballet flats and dresses and has chose to go for more of a spiked-belt-from-Hot-Topic vibe.

Social media appeared to lash out over the clip, with many calling out the similarities between "Look What You Made Me Do" and the gothic-inspired visuals in Beyoncé "s 'Formation" video.

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Her fans immediately speculated online as to the target of Swift's ire - if the song, like much of her previous work, is indeed autobiographical.

Richard also mentioned how her and the entire team have been wonderful to them during this process. There was no recording, however, of her approving and approving: "I made that bitch famous". Would country fans welcome her back with open arms?

Swift - the fourth most followed person on Twitter and fifth on Instagram - reinforced the idea of a fresh start by wiping clean her social media accounts in recent days, instead posting images of snakes showing their fangs.

Hmm. This reminds us of season 6 when Arya was watching the theater troupe in Braavos who enacted dramatic recent events from King's Landing and made her family look foolish... She appears to have engineered the release of this song so that everyone knows it is about West and Kardashian without ever having to call them out by name.

So how did Swift and her long-time producer/friend and Bleachers frontman Jack Antonoff get the go-ahead to sample the track? But it's apparent that even those who say they hate her can't stop listening to "Look What You Made Me Do". But not for me, not for me, all I think about is Karma.

Taylor Swift's new song is stirring up drama