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Permanently Mute Sites on Google Chrome (Eventually)

27 Août 2017

The Google Chrome team is now testing a new option that will allow users to permanently mute audio coming from a website (URL). Furthermore, Google is planning to replace the existing tab muting option with this for making things a bit less complicated. Chrome introduced an indicator to flag guilty tabs a couple of years ago - it had always been needed - and now the development team is testing this mute option inside the latest experimental "Canary" version, according to Google developer François Beaufort.

Once you mute a domain, it will remain so until you undo the action. The feature when live will arrive on Chrome browser. For now, muting can be done only on a tab by tab basis. Chief of which I consider is Ad pop ups and auto-playing videos. web travelers might have come across many home pages that shove a video down viewers throats which ever way they can.

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As first reported by Android Police, this audio-kiboshing feature is being tested in the browser's current, experimental Canary build before being rolled out to the public. If this happens, it is likely to show up on the Chrome browser sometime in the coming months. You'll have to run it with -enablefeatures=SoundContentSetting switch as it is off by default.

This is not a final feature, and because it made it into testing under the Canary branch doesn't mean it will be included in the Chrome Stable version. We've been waiting for such a feature for long.

Permanently Mute Sites on Google Chrome (Eventually)