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North Korea fires short-range missile

27 Août 2017

North Korea early on Saturday fired several short-range projectiles into the sea off its east coast from its eastern Kangwon province, South Korea's military said. Two of the missiles failed in flight, while the third blew up nearly immediately after launch.

One of the three missiles blew up "almost immediately", with none of the weapons posing a threat to either North America or the United States territory of Guam, the spokesman said.

The news comes just hours after Japan imposed tough new sanctions against North Korea following the reclusive country's repeated missile launches. The agencies did not cite source, Sky News reports.

South Korea and the US military said, as the two allies conducted annual joint military drills that the North denounces as preparation for war.

South Korea's defence ministry said "unidentified projectiles", fired at 6:49 am (2149 GMT Friday), flew some 250 kilometres (155 miles) towards the Sea of Japan.

The launch would coincide with joint exercises between the US and South Korean militaries, exercises that North Korea always strongly protests because it considers them preparation for an invasion. Each year, North Korea is brandishing the threat of military retaliation. "If the US believes that North Korea is going to launch an attack on USA territory and determines that it is necessary to take action to defend the USA and its people, then the USA can and will take action, either without consultation or if South Korea disapproved".

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Neither Japan nor South Korea confirmed the United States military's description of the weapons fired by North Korea as "ballistic missiles".

The diagrams were seen hanging on a wall behind leader Kim Jong Un while he visited a plant that makes solid-fuel engines for the country's ballistic-missile program.

Kim says he is keeping an eye on US moves for now.

Given that South Koreans are effectively held hostage on the Korean Peninsula, any US military action is impossible, Park adds.

The US and South Korea are technically at war with North Korea due to their 1950-53 conflict ended in truce, not a peace treaty.

North Korea fires short-range missile