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When Is the Next Total Solar Eclipse in the US?

26 Août 2017

The good news is there will be a more widely seen total solar eclipse the following year.

If you miss the next total solar eclipse in 2024, there won't be another in the contiguous United States until August 2044.

The 2017 solar eclipse on Monday was the first eclipse visible from coast-to-coast in the United States in almost 100 years.

So if you have some land in any of these areas, you might want to start preparing for an influx of campers ready and willing to hand over cash for the chance at a great view like they did in the U.S. And if you're anywhere west of Ontario, you'll probably have to wait for another eclipse in order to get the type of view you got this week.

Maps appear to show Toronto right on the edge of totality, which means this eclipse could be the best one for Canada's largest city in many years. While total solar eclipses occur on average about once every 18 months, the path from which such events are visible is narrow and varies with each eclipse, so total solar eclipses cross the same geographical area on Earth only about once every 375 years.

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The United States will also see an annular solar eclipse on October 14, 2023 - just six months before the 2024 total eclipse.

The other 36 states were all treated to a partial solar eclipse, where the moon covers only a part of the sun.

The next U.S. solar eclipse will take place on April 8th, 2024, passing from Texas to ME, with the Canadian city of Montreal being able to see the totality as well.

On Aug. 12, 2045, a solar eclipse that will traverse coast to coast will occur in the United States again. Compared to 2017, the path of totality will be wider and farther south, stretching from northern California to central Florida. But 3,000 people in specific headed to Oregon Eclipse festival at the Big Summit Prairie along with 300 artists ranging from bass to house to trance for a weekend leading entirely up to the moment of totality, which happened around 10AM PST.

You won't have to wait an entire century until the next one - just seven years. You may just have to travel a little ways to see one in your lifetime.