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Right wing group cancels San Francisco rally over violence warnings

26 Août 2017

Patriot Prayer, a Portland-based right-wing group, plans a rally at Crissy Field on Saturday at 2 p.m., with some 400-plus people saying via Facebook they plan to attend.

"People with hate-filled messages are coming into our city to wreak havoc", said San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, concerning the event organized by the group, Patriot Prayer. "It doesn't seem safe", said Gibson. Gibson said. "These guys are going to show up with a thousands of people all dressed in black and they promote violence, they promote hate".

The group's intention to hold an event in the notoriously liberal San Francisco provoked considerable concern from the city's elected officials, police, and residents, especially in the wake of the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville.

"We're not going to have a rally at Crissy Field", Joey Gibson said in a Facebook Live video.

Cummings, who identifies herself as a transgender patriot, planned the event on social media and has worn sunglasses or covered her face with a bandanna when speaking about the event.

San Francisco's Mayor Ed Lee and other Democratic leaders strongly opposed the rally. Others are bringing bags of poop they've saved from walking their pooch in their own neighborhood just to add to the disgusting landmines.

As neo-Nazis prepare to rally in the city's Crissy Field, dog owners are stepping in to give the white supremacists something to step in.

In the Civic Center area, parking will be banned on the streets surrounding the plaza, and the underground parking garage will be closed. But the counter-protesters plan to clean up their crap after the event.

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Gibson says the Berkeley "No to Marxism in America" is still happening and that they will "put our resources into Berkeley".

Mother Jones' Julia Chan noted on Twitter that the new location is much closer to scheduled counter-protests around the city than it was at Crissy Field, the original location.

Brian Levin, a criminology professor at Cal State San Bernardino who studies hate groups, said he thought the Alamo news conference could be a ploy to simply move the San Francisco rally across town. "Reason has prevailed because the people of San Francisco have demonstrated our determination to protect the freedom of peaceful expression as well as public safety", she said.

"We made a decision to go ahead and take the opportunity to not fall into that trap", Gibson said in the broadcast.

The alt-right term coined by white nationalist Richard Spencer defines a loose-knit group of white supremacists, white nationalists, conspiracy theorists, and misogynists.

"Organizers of the [Patriot Prayer] rally claim to disassociate themselves with white supremacy and only want a peace and love to unite Americans", wrote even coordinator Susan Bolt. For example, in an August 6 rally in Portland, members and a local leader of the white-nationalist group Identity Evropa marched with Patriot Prayer and initiated or took part in violent brawls along the way.

"We must all pray it does not become an invitation to incite violence", the California Democrat said in a statement.

Right wing group cancels San Francisco rally over violence warnings