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Rich Piana dead? How Did he Die?

26 Août 2017

Rich Piana, a professional bodybuilder from Florida who was a hit on the social media site Instagram for his muscular selfies, has reportedly died after being in a coma for several days.

Bodybuilder Rich Piana was such a popular figure in the bodybuilding world, Google Trends reports that Piana received more than one million searches from people turing to Google seeking more information about Rich's death on Friday, August 25.

He was placed into a coma when taken to hospital, but never woke up.

Meanwhile, Piana's estranged wife, Sara Piana, wrote in the below Instagram post that she was still married to Rich when he died.

In the heartbreaking tribute, Jansen wrote: 'We just finished watching the Notebook yesterday and I said: "That's how it was supposed to be".

"I just want to say THANK YOU Rich for teaching me so much about life, whether it was the easy or the hard way". "We had our ups and downs but we sure had an awesome time in each other's presence along with us fighting through some dark times together", she captioned a photo of her with Piana.

On August 10 Chanel was instructed to perform CPR and emergency officers reportedly found bottles of testosterone in his house
On August 10 Chanel was instructed to perform CPR and emergency officers reportedly found bottles of testosterone in his house

His girlfriend Chanel Jansen also posted a tribute over Instagram. We were supposed to go together.

According to TMZ, she was instructed by the 911 operator to perform CPR on the former bodybuilding champ but was unable to revive him.

He had popularised body building routines that consisted of a massive steroid cycle, nine meals in a day, a series of workouts not fit for the average human being and, according to one profile, "protein shakes big enough to drown a toddler in". "You're not going to have a choice", he said in a YouTube video a year ago.

'But if you want to become a professional bodybuilder, guess what? "You're not going to have a choice".

He admitted to spending thousands of dollars each month on steroids and growth hormones. After he was hospitalized, authorities found more than 20 bottles of steroids in his house, which Jansen later on confirmed as Piana's, indeed, as he has been using them for more than 20 years.

Those in the fitness world are paying plenty of attention to finding out the cause of Rich's death because Piana was very honest about taking steroids and pushing his steroid use to the limits.

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Rich Piana dead? How Did he Die?