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Making Pakistan scapegoat will not stabilise Afghanistan

26 Août 2017

In an interview with The Real News on Thursday, Wilkerson said the United States might stay for over 50 years in Afghanistan, because according to its strategic location, Afghanistan is the only place from where the U.S. can take action against Russian Federation and China.

Pakistan says its vast sacrifices and contribution in global counter-terrorism efforts have been internationally acknowledged. This, even as Washington doled out billions annually in aid over decades.

A high-level meeting of military and political leaders under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was held on Thursday to come up with a response to Trump's stance on Afghanistan and South Asia, in which he had singled out Pakistan for its alleged involvement in terrorism.

The News International reported that Islamabad was unhappy with the USA for its support to "its arch-rival India's role in Afghanistan".

The statement issued at the end of the marathon session attended by the Services Chiefs and senior cabinet members, said: "More specifically, we would like to see effective and immediate U.S. military efforts to eliminate sanctuaries harbouring terrorists and miscreants on the Afghan soil, including those responsible for fomenting terror in Pakistan".

Trump's remarks on Monday, in which he lashed out at Pakistan, an ostensible USA ally, blaming it for violence in Afghanistan, and demanding that Islamabad stop giving sanctuary to "agents of chaos, violence and terror", have shocked Pakistan.

The global community, including America, had become aware of Pakistan's response to the American president's accusations, he added.

"We can no longer be silent about Pakistan's safe havens for terrorist organisations, the Taliban and other groups that pose a threat to the region and beyond", he said.

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He said the continued change of the demography in the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK) was violations of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions.

"Instead of engaging in a blame game, both Pakistan and Afghanistan should take action against terrorists based on mutual trust and cooperation", he said and noted that media could play a key role in this regard. To overcome its frustration, America is leveling allegations against Pakistan.

"This is a drastic 180-degree change", in USA policy, opined Sampat Shivangi, a longtime Republican activist from MS, and current president of IAFPE. "U.S. administrations have always ultimately bowed down to Pakistan", not so now, Shivangi said. Mullen called the Haqqani network, "a veritable arm of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency", in that testimony. He slammed Pakistan for its support to terror groups. "That was one in a series of actions that outraged the Pakistanis, causing them to shut down supply routes to USA -led forces in Afghanistan for seven months", Zakaria reminds readers in his column in The Washington Post.

The U.S. India strategic partnership going beyond South Asia into Indo-Pacific.

Basically, the United States has some other issues with Pakistan.

"He did talk about India and its importance". A consensual and stable government in Afghanistan is in Pakistan's interest. He saw little of that in the President's speech. Since 2001 India has been the fifth largest aid provider to Afghanistan. It signals a very positive development.

While President Donald Trump has in the past pushed for troop withdrawal in Afghanistan, he recently was persuaded otherwise by his advisers and now has authorized a new troop surge, though it's unclear how many troops will be sent over. They said that Pakistan was a strong and fearless nation and Pakistanis knew well how to defend their motherland. "The question is, what are we going to do going forward. All countries in that region need to work on it together otherwise it's going to blow up in our faces".

Making Pakistan scapegoat will not stabilise Afghanistan