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Paul Ryan Isn't Taking Trump's Latest Twitter Broadside Personally

25 Août 2017

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday he does not believe President Donald Trump was attacking him on Twitter earlier in the day and promised the nation's debt ceiling would be raised before an upcoming deadline.

Last week, President Donald Trump made several comments about the racist violence that White nationalists, neo-Nazis and members of the Ku Klux Klan visited on Charlottesville, Virginia, finally landing on the view that some of the White supremacists were "very fine people" and "there's blame on both sides". The president said going that route "could have been so easy" but that McConnell and Ryan did not pursue it. "We'll do this before the debt ceiling", Ryan said during a tax reform event at a Boeing plant in Washington state.

"I'm really not that anxious about this, we have plenty of options ahead of us" to raise the debt ceiling, Ryan said, adding that he did not interpret Trump's tweets as "going after me". "We're in constant contact to try to put together a shared agenda that we agree on, and we're working together to make that shared agenda", Ryan said, according to Fox Business.

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CNN extended invitations to people from Ryan's district and selected the questions that will be asked. Ryan said he was also glad that Trump is moving away from having a timetable for withdrawing from Afghanistan and wants to prevent creating a safe haven for terrorists. Ryan now will begin his event after the president talks.

"Hopefully the media event that occurred tonight will convince Paul Ryan that talking to his constituents is a good idea", said U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan, a Democrat representing a south-central Wisconsin congressional district next to Ryan's. He has joined with Trump and others in touting the news as transformational for Wisconsin's economy.

Paul Ryan Isn't Taking Trump's Latest Twitter Broadside Personally