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Netanyahu denounces Iran 'threat' in Putin talks

25 Août 2017

"We will be sure to defend ourselves with all means against this and any threat", Netanyahu said according to Reuters.

Iran's growing presence in Syria constitutes a threat not just to Israel, but to the entire world, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told Russian President Vladimir Putin as the two leaders met in the Black Sea resort of Sochi on Wednesday.

"Iran makes huge efforts to cement its presence in Syria".

Netanyahu also noted that Iran is "well on its way" to controlling not only Syria, but other countries in the Middle East, including Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon.

"We can not forget for a moment that Iran continues to threaten the destruction of the State of Israel every day, arms terrorist organizations, encourages and initiates terror", Netanyahu underscored, explaining why Israel opposes Iran's continued entrenchment in Syria and saying Israel would do whatever it takes to defend itself.

"Israel opposes Iran's continued entrenchment in Syria".

Touching upon Netanyahu's remarks that Israel is poised and ready to defend itself, including from Iran, Rizk recalled that "it is Israel which has always attacked other countries in the region and we have never seen Israel being attacked".

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During the portion of the leaders' meeting that was open to the public, Putin did not respond to Netanyahu's comments regarding Iran's role in Syria.

"I made it clear to Putin that Iran's establishing itself in Syria will not aid stability in the region, and I told him that we want to prevent a future war and therefore it is important to warn in advance", Netanyahu said according to Haaretz.

Russian Federation and Iran back Syrian President Bashar Assad in the country's civil war, and have helped his army win back key areas.

"It is not an exaggeration to think that within a certain period of time, the Islamic State will lose its territorial footholds in Syria". Netanyahu expressed concerns over the Iran's increasing influence of the Syrian territories liberated from the Daesh terrorist group. The Israeli officials were reportedly dismayed over a failure to secure a commitment from the United States to demand the full withdrawal of Iranian forces from Syria in the event of a peace deal to end the war there. America and Russian Federation responded to Netanyahu's criticism by saying that Israel's interests would be taken into account.

Israel pushed hard for a US- and Russia-brokered truce that came into effect recently in southern Syria to keep Iranian-backed militias at a distance from the Golan Heights, Israel's northern border.

Netanyahu's visit to Russian Federation comes after a high-level Israeli security delegation met with senior U.S. defense officials last week in Washington, DC. "There will be a much better prospect for cutting the current civil war short and preventing a future war if Iran is not in Syria", the Prime Minister said.

Netanyahu denounces Iran 'threat' in Putin talks