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Val Bondasca landslide leaves eight missing in Switzerland

24 Août 2017

Eight people are missing after a mudslide took place in a Swiss Alpine valley yesterday (August 23).

"In the region of Val Bondasca, eight people who were there at the time of the landslide have not been found", read the Graubunden cantonal police's statement.

Those missing, all adults, are said to be Austrian, German and Swiss.

But on Thursday they acknowledged that rescue workers were flying over the area in search of mountain climbers and hikers who might have been hit by the slide.

Around 100 people were evacuated from the village of Bondo yesterday.

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"The missing persons are nationals from Germany, Austria and Switzerland", the police said.

The images released earlier shows an unstoppable layer of thick mud and sludge coming down the mountain like lava, destroying everything in its path. Police estimate at least 12 farms have been affected.

The landslide set a full four million cubic metres of mud and debris in motion, its relentless moving mass stretching 500 metres across, according to the regional natural hazards office (AWN). The landslide also forced the evacuation of several small villages in south-eastern Switzerland.

Residents of the village of Bondo were still unable to return home on Thursday. Thanks to the alarm system's signal, before the debris approached the village of Bondo the fire service was able to evacuate its inhabitants.

Val Bondasca landslide leaves eight missing in Switzerland