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Every US county poised to have Obamacare insurer

24 Août 2017

The Ohio Department of Insurance on Thursday announced it had reached an agreement with CareSource to provide 2018 marketplace insurance coverage in Paulding County, which had been the only one in the state lacking a single available plan on the exchange next year.

This should end the hand-wringing of Affordable Care Act supporters and critics alike, most of whom said they wanted every county covered - but some of whom said insurer reluctance was a symptom of Obamacare's failures.

The current health law survived its latest immediate threat of bare counties, but with little assistance from the federal government.

Paulding county is in northwestern OH, on the in border. Trump and other Republicans say Obamacare, with its mandate to buy fairly full health insurance for Americans who don't get coverage through their jobs, robbed consumers of freedom to buy the kinds of policies they wanted or skip coverage altogether. Existing carriers had made a decision to pull out of it and other county markets in 2018 because of financial concerns, including uncertainty about the ACA under Trump and Congress.

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In July, the state insurance department announced that five insurers had agreed to offer plans 19 of the 20 OH counties without a 2018 option on the insurance marketplace created by the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.

CareSource announced that it would fill the last remaining "bare" county in Paulding County in Ohio.

About 80 counties at one point or another during the summer were at risk of having no ObamaCare insurers in 2018.

"There is a lot of uncertainty facing consumers when it comes to health insurance and these announcements will provide important relief", Ohio Department of Insurance Director Jillian Froment said in the statement. With today's announcement, Kaiser has already updated its map.

Every US county poised to have Obamacare insurer