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Celine Dion's response to love life question was a

24 Août 2017

The 49-year-old singer opened up about her personal life during the launch of her handbag collection in Montreal earlier this week.

Dion says she emerged from a period of mourning following the death of her husband Rene Angelil in January 2016 with a burst of creativity. I went through a lo. "But people who went through a lot they probably understand", Dion said.

Dressed in a pink, belted dress with a deep purple pussy bow and dazzling jewels, Dion candidly spoke to guests as she talked about her new outlook on life.

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"I think sometimes when you go through a lot, whether it's disappointment, a loss, for example, if you know what I'm saying, there is a force that takes over when you believe", she continued. Because I am a mother, because I am a sister, because I am a friend, because I am a wife, because I have projects, I have visions and focus.

Dion was last seen in Quebec dancing at her son's hockey game, and it was a magical sight. She later launched into a rendition of the classic "The Best Is Yet To Come". The one song that describes Celine Dion's love life is, apparently, Rihanna's "Diamonds", and as she proved today, she sounds damn good singing it. Leaving her no time to answer, she then sang Diamonds by Rihanna, causing the hilarity around her, and forcing our brother to move on to something else.

Celine Dion's response to love life question was a