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Bad News For Fans Of The 'Bad Boys' Franchise

24 Août 2017

Several months later, Sony Pictures subsequently removed the film's November 9, 2018, release date from its calendar, putting the future of another Bad Boys movie in limbo.

Fourteen years ago Bad Boys II hit theaters and continued the comical yet risky relationship between Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowery, played by Martin Lawrence and Will Smith respectively.

With Aladdin and a bunch of DC Cinematic Universe films for Smith on the horizon, it looks like the Bad Boys will be out for another decade or two before returning.

"I don't think we're going to get one, not the way everything's turning out", Lawrence told EW.

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Last year Smith teased that Bad Boys 3 was "very, very, very close".

If anything, the fact that Will Smith hasn't taken the time to do Bad Boys 3 instead of a different project is an indicator that the sequel isn't in good enough shape for him to want to make it. "Will is off doing another movie, and I don't think it's going to happen". "If they wanted to do it, I'm ready, but I don't have control of that. So I'm looking forward to it".

It feels like Bad Boys III (a/k/a Bad Boys for Life) has been in the works for approximately half my lifetime.

In the same interview, Lawrence did also conclude his Bad Boys 3 comments, by again confirming that he was on board if it were to ever happen. With that being said, it's the studio's decision if the film even gets created in the first place.

Bad News For Fans Of The 'Bad Boys' Franchise