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Principale » Asia stocks brush off Wall Street slide after Trump's comments, dollar sulks

Asia stocks brush off Wall Street slide after Trump's comments, dollar sulks

24 Août 2017

And Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis) on Wednesday played down Trump's suggestion that border wall funding is worth a shutdown. "Obstructionist Democrats" are the minority party in both the House and Senate. "But believe me, if we have to close down our government, we're building that wall", Mr. Trump said, joining adoring supporters in a chant of "Build that wall!" "You're doing that. You're doing that".

Hikaru Sato, senior technical analyst at the investment strategy section of Daiwa Securities, said: "Trump's remarks are likely to keep impacting the markets for now-at least until Congress resumes".

"Build that wall", he said.

The Wisconsin Republican has become a major booster of the wall, and he said the issue needs to be dealt with, but he also said he hopes matters don't get to the point where Republicans have to choose between the wall or a shutdown.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway called out the media for "scant" coverage of the unifying message from President Trump and the passage of a bill to streamline the process for veterans appealing disability claims.

Some Republicans also oppose the wall.

"For the peso, the market had largely priced out any risk of trade protectionism, which is why you have seen a very strong rally (this year)", said UniCredit EM FX strategist Kiran Kowshik.

He visited the border region in Yuma, Arizona, earlier on Tuesday.

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Trump "is using one of his tricks to get what he wants and does not seem to care what could be the effect of the US shutdown on the economy", said Naeem Aslam, chief market analyst at Think Markets.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is already behind schedule on testing wall prototypes as the government works through protests filed by companies involved in the contract process.

"(The wall would be) a waste of taxpayer money that would put us on the wrong side of history.

The dollar edged higher against the yen on Thursday, paring some of the losses it suffered after US President Donald Trump suggested a shutdown of the government was possible and threatened to terminate the North American Free Trade Agreement. "You know why? Because they are the dishonest media", said Trump.

She also said the "law that he passed" for the Veterans' Administration also got "scant coverage".

"My sense is that people are far angrier at the President than they are at Congress re the shutdown - an interesting turn!"

Credit ratings agency Fitch Ratings said a failure to raise the ceiling in a timely manner would prompt it to review its rating on United States sovereign debt, "with potentially negative implications". But if Trump were to veto such a bill, the consequences of a debt default would be significantly higher than just a government shutdown, potentially shaking the global economy and markets. More money for border security or for studying how to build the wall could also suffice.

That is the most important lesson for Republicans in future budget fights: you can easily lose a shutdown if you are fighting for an abstract political principle, but you can win if you are fighting for the people. And Democrats insist they won't agree to Trump's demand for $1.6 billion in funding for a border wall - hey, wasn't Mexico supposed to be paying for it? - and they may well welcome such a showdown over a continuing resolution (CR) under the assumption that voters will blame Trump and Republicans.

Asia stocks brush off Wall Street slide after Trump's comments, dollar sulks