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Splatoon 2 Reveals Plans for Three Forthcoming Updates

23 Août 2017

Ahead of Gamescom 2017, Nintendo unveiled three brand new pieces of content for its Switch team-based shooter, Splatoon 2.

Despite the trickle of smaller weapon updates over the last few weeks, I was starting to cool off on Splatoon 2, so the timing of this new stuff is ideal.

The most immediate change is a new Salmon Run stage called Lost Outpost, which is immediately available.

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The map coming this weekend is called Manta Maria and it will be available in both Turf War and Ranked Battles. Be sure to shout "This way!" so your fellow Inklings know where the action is. However the "Manta Maria" and "Lost Outpost" stages weren't specifically labeled in the info dump by name, but it's quite possible that the levels could have been classified internally by map placeholder names, as there were several innocuously titled stages that are also supposedly in the works.

The Bubble Blower fires up to three big bubbles, which explode once doused in ink. If the opposing team shoots the bubble for too long, the bubble will go away. Behold: the Bubble Blower, a new special weapon. As a Salmon Run addict, I've been dying for a new map to shake things up, so I'm ready to try out Lost Outpost ASAP.

Nintendo has released a new video for Splatoon 2 that details new content coming to the game soon.

Splatoon 2 Reveals Plans for Three Forthcoming Updates