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Saudi police detain boy for dancing the Macarena

23 Août 2017

(Web Desk) - A 14-year-old boy has been detained by the Saudi police on Tuesday, for dancing at a street.

The footage was first posted a year ago, but his arrest was reported on Monday.

The video showing the boy dancing on the crosswalk to the 1990's hit "Macarena" was widely shared across social media on Wednesday.

Because of the lack of codified penal law in Saudi Arabia, officials and judges have broad discretion in the arrest and punishment of children in the conservative country.

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According to a report in the BBC News, the boy is being questioned by authorities though, it is not clear whether he will be prosecuted.

The Abu Dhabi Police had recently arrested four people, including a woman, after a video of her having a conversation with one of the arrested men was uploaded on the Internet last week.

The vehicles all appear to be stopped at a red light as the boy busts each and every move easily - all while decked out in a striped t-shirt, gray Nike sports shorts, and Crocs.

Earlier this month, Saudi police arrested a local singer for busting the "dab" move during an onstage performance. In it, the youth is performing the characteristic dance in the Saudi port city of Jeddah, as another person films the apparently prepared stunt from the sidewalk. The Kingdom's National Committee for Drug Control said the move advocated drug abuse.

Saudi police detain boy for dancing the Macarena