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Kelly's Alleged Underage Victims Is Speaking Out

23 Août 2017

Jerhonda Pace spoke to BuzzFeed's Jim DeRogatis, the same reporter who revealed the shocking details of Kelly's alleged sex cult, and revealed that she lost her virginity to Kelly at 16, one year below the age of consent in IL.

In a video confessional posted to YouTube, Jerhonda Pace says she suffered "sexual abuse, mental abuse and physical abuse" at the hands of the 50-year-old after she first met R. Kelly when she was 16, according to RadarOnline.

A woman who says she met with and starting sleeping with famed music legend, R. Kelly, at just 16 has come forward to tell her story.

"Over the next seven months, Pace says she had sex with Kelly repeatedly, a claim she would later repeat during her settlement process". Following the incident, she hired an attorney and the NDA followed suit. He later invited her to his home in suburban IL, and from there the two started a sexual relationship, even though Pace claims he didn't know she was underage.

She told Buzzfeed that Kelly is running a "cult" and she is concerned that a friend of hers may still be involved. Pace subsequently began a relationship with Kelly, during which the singer would allegedly film their sexual encounters without the teen's permission. Pace, who originally went by Jerhonda Johnson before marriage, accused the R&B hit-maker of engaging in sexual relations with her before the Chicago resident was 17, the age of consent in IL. Kelly, she says, was aware of her age - she showed him her ID - and seemed excited by it. When she arrived at R. Kelly's home, he spoke with her for a few minutes and they exchanged cell phone numbers.

Within weeks of the meeting in Loggans' office, the attorney had negotiated a large settlement with Kelly in return for Pace signing a nondisclosure agreement and declining to pursue any charges or other claims against Kelly.
"He's brainwashed them really bad, and it kind of reminds me of Charles Manson.Kelly needs to be stopped". When contacted by authorities in relation to the recent allegations against the singer, a least one women in question has publicly declared that she is of age and engaged in a relationship with R. Kelly completely of her own free will.

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Pace has now broken that nondisclosure agreement, and may face legal action for doing so.

Pace finally left Kelly's house after a disagreement that turned physically abusive, in which she claims that she was "slapped and I was choked and I was spit on".

Pace says she began her relationship with Kelly when she was 16, one year below the age of consent in the US state of IL where the incident took place.

"Kelly could sue me", she told BuzzFeed. "But I'm really not anxious about it anymore", Pace said. Kelly told her that "things were fine, but that she should tell anyone who asked that she was 19, and act like she was 25", according to the report.

"If I can speak out and I can help them get out of that situation, that's what I will do", the Chicago native - who is now married with children - told the outlet.

R. Kelly's representatives have strongly denied all allegations made against him, branding them as "false" and the alleged victims as "dishonest".

Kelly's Alleged Underage Victims Is Speaking Out