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Tips for drivers on the road during the eclipse

21 Août 2017

Experience totality, then, as soon as the bright Sun begins to reappear, replace your solar viewer to glance at the remaining partial phases.

In the U.S. this year, 14 states will experience a total eclipse along a path stretching from the east to the west coast.

With the next total eclipse a few decades away, getting a glimpse at this one is something people don't want to miss.

From Earth, the moon will appear to be the same size as the sun.

As the moon starts to move in front of the sun, you'll actually notice a decrease in the air temperature.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon's shadow passes over the Earth's surface, temporarily blocking the view of the sun from the Earth.

Having been fortunate enough to have been in California for a partial eclipse in 1994, I can assure you it really is memorable. Although brief, the eclipse is expected to create a period of darkness (for around three minutes) in some areas. He said he has kept a mental countdown for the past five years and is excited for the event. For many it will give them a nice connection to science. Since this eclipse has the special feature of lasting for so long over the mainland, scientists across the world are trying to use it to verify their theories on the Sun.

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There will be various viewing events in the area, many with educational components.

The sun gives off lots of light (visible and invisible) that is not good for eyes. Staring at the sun during the eclipse for even a short time without protective eyewear can cause serious damage to your eyes, potentially burning your retina and even causing vision loss. That's the only time it's safe to view the eclipse without protection. One of the best ways to ensure your glasses are safe is to consult an eye care expert.

If you do have eclipse glasses, there is a proper way to use them. People with those glasses have been contacted by the company, according to Fortune Magazine.

If you're in the path of totality, when do you know it's safe to take your safety glasses off?

With this method, sunlight streams through a small hole - such as a pencil hole in a piece of paper, or even the space between your fingers - onto a makeshift screen, such as a piece of paper or the ground.

On Thursday, the Douglas County Public Library recalled the eclipse glasses it provided to the public, explaining that the vendor informed library administration that they "have not received confirmation from the supplier of your order that they sourced the item from a recommended manufacturer". The center of the 2017 eclipse will travel directly from St. Joseph to Perryville, and the moon will cast a seventy-mile-wide shadow over many cities and counties in Missouri.

Lens filters are also available for telescopes and binoculars. "Whatever you do, DON" T LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE ECLIPSE!