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Kiran Bedi's Secret Inspection In Puducherry

21 Août 2017

Bedi, who was riding pillion, used her dupatta to partially cover her face to avoid being recognised. After her visit, Bedi even declared that she found her territory safe for women "even at night". She is known for her stringent actions and discipline.

In her attempt to inspect how safe Puducherry nights are for women, Lt governor Kiran Bedi undertook a pillion ride on a two-wheeler on Friday night. She informed about her assessment via micro blogging site Twitter, "Just back from a night round". She rode on a scooter which another woman was driving and surveyed various roads of the city.

This tour of town to check on women's safety in the night, however, is a first.

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Bedi said that she would suggest some measures to the police needed to enhance the security environment.

In response to the brickbats, Bedi said not wearing a helmet was a deliberate choice.

Her trip was in order to assess safety of the union territory and improve in the areas required. "But will be improved", she further said. It may be recalled that Bedi is a former IPS official, so she has the experience to carry out such night patrolling of city streets. However, social media had a mixed reaction where it was pointed out that she was breaking the rules by not wearing a helmet during her inspection. "Both wanted to appear vulnerable & wanted to see how we women driving a scooty at night are looked at" she wrote on Twitter explaining about the missing helmet.

Kiran Bedi's Secret Inspection In Puducherry