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Jerry Falwell Jr. defends Trump's 'many sides' comment

21 Août 2017

"I know him well".

In the hours immediately after the rally, which was organized by white supremacists and ended with clashes with counter-protesters and the death of a 32-year-old woman, Trump blamed both sides for the deadly violence.

Falwell was an early supporter of Trump's candidacy, and Trump has appointed him to chair a U.S. Department of Education reforms task force. On Sunday, Senator Tim Kaine called President Trumps remarks "outrageous", noting that Trump was quick to call recent global incidents acts of terror, but not in the death of counter-protester Heather Heyer.

"If somebody showed up and they saw that they were marching beside somebody who hates blacks, who hates Jews, who wants to do violence, I think they should just walk away, yes", he said. The graduates are protesting university President Jerry Falwell Jr.'s ongoing support for Trump.

"But when you say things like that, when you say it's all evil, but you say you're so proud of Donald Trump, that's the message that resonated", Raddatz observed.

Mike Huckabee said the faith community is standing by President Trump despite the backlash from Democratic and Republican lawmakers over his response to the violent white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last weekend. Falwell said people merely misunderstood the president.

Fellow 2006 graduate Chris Gaumer, who's a former LU Student Government Association president, echoed that sentiment to HuffPost on Sunday, He called Trump's comments "disgusting and abhorrent". "I just know that it's totally true what you just said, there's no good KKK, there's no good white supremacist".

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"While this state of affairs has been in place for many months, the Chancellor's recent comments on the attack upon our neighbors in Charlottesville have brought our outrage and our sorrow to a boiling point".

'And the president has made that clear, ' the evangelical leader added.

Raddatz pressed hard over Trump's remark that there were "very fine people on both sides".

"That can't be your world view", she said.

"It really is a watershed moment to have people openly chanting Nazi chants. holding white supremacist signs, and carrying weapons along with all of that, and killing somebody, injuring many in the process", he said.

Still, Falwell, who backed Trump before the 2016 Iowa Caucus, traditionally the first in the county, acknowledged that after talking to Jewish and African American colleagues and friends, he believed Trump perhaps could have chosen his words more carefully.

Jerry Falwell Jr. defends Trump's 'many sides' comment