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How to Make a Pinhole Camera to Safely View the Eclipse

21 Août 2017

Remember, don't look directly at the sun during the eclipse (or ever for that matter).

If you bought a pair of eclipse-viewing glasses or lenses, and you start having doubts about their safety certification or effectiveness, there is still a multitude of ways to still see the partial solar eclipse in our region.

Using the duct tape, tape the foil over the hole in the box, then use a pin to make a tiny hole in the foil. But looking at anything as bright as the sun is NOT safe without proper protection. Solar eclipses themselves are safe. The top of the cereal box should be sealed before cutting out square or rectangular holes on the left and right sides of the now sealed top. You just need card stock aluminum foil, scissors, tape and a paper clip. NASA suggests you might even poke multiple holes into the foil to form different shapes. Adjust your position until you see a small projection, a negative image, of the eclipsed Sun on the paper inside the box.

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All you need is a couple pieces of paper, a couple paper plates or even some cardboard.

The farther the pinhole is from the screen, the bigger your image will be. While a direct viewing of the solar eclipse will not be made, the light from the celestial event will pass through the pinhole and be projected onto the piece of paper taped to the bottom of the box. Grab a helper to take photos of your designs for a stellar art project you can enjoy even after the eclipse has ended.

How to Make a Pinhole Camera to Safely View the Eclipse