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Where are North Carolina's Confederate monuments? Here's a map

20 Août 2017

In a different poll, by Economist/YouGov, a plurality of people (48 percent) said they disapproved of removing the Robert E. Lee statue from the Charlottesville park while 30 percent approved of taking the statue down.

"We have also heard from several city, county, and state leaders". "For an individual or group of individuals to take matters into their own hands and vandalize a house of worship undermines the right, protected in our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion, of every Duke student and employee to participate fully in university life". About a year and a half ago, Charlottesville "decided to launch on the hard but essential work of finally telling the truth about race".

Signer also tweeted, "FYI, the reason for the change is we decided a statement rather than a press event was the best medium for the ideas I want to convey today".

"For me, the statues represented pain, and not only did I want to protect my city from any more of that pain", Mayor Catherine Pugh said.

They clashed with counter-protesters in a stunning display of violence before authorities forced the crowd to disperse. Meanwhile, the protests took a deadly turn when a 20-year-old man ploughed his auto into a crowd of counter-protesters killing a 32-year-old woman and wounded several others.

The funky, cosmopolitan town is nestled in the rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. A good place to start?

The heart of its downtown is an open-air pedestrian mall lined with restaurants, bars and quirky boutiques. "You are changing history, you're changing culture". During the Civil War, federal authorities seized the house and land around it as part of a tax campaign created to fine Americans involved in the rebellion against the Union.

The City Council in February narrowly passed a measure to move the Lee statue - triggering a lawsuit and leading a judge to impose a six-month injunction in May to prevent its relocation while the case winds through the courts. Being a resident of a Northern city with no Confederate statues, I never gave this issue much thought.

"They're visible, tangible expressions of power", he said on Thursday.

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The city is proud of Jefferson's university, a prestigious school with graduates that include prominent figures such as Robert F. Kennedy. The Brown family, as in the Brown University, was linked to slave trade.

There are now 109 schools named for Robert E Lee, including 27 where black students outnumber their white classmates. Eight people have now been arrested over Monday's toppling.

Saturday was not Spencer's first demonstration in Charlottesville. Hundreds of white nationalists surrounded the Jefferson statue last Friday night after marching in a torchlight parade across campus and chanting "You will not replace us" and "Jews will not replace us". The mayor of Charlottesville called yesterday for a special session of Virginia's legislature to let localities decide the fate of Confederate monuments like the statue at the centre of a far-right rally last week that turned deadly. That, too, made national news.

Virginia's closely watched governor's race, one of only two in the nation this year, also helped draw attention.

For many Australians, the surprise lies not in the outrage at the statue's removal, but at the existence of the monument at all.

Sheriff Mike Andrews called the protesters' actions "a blatant violation of the law", but he said no one was arrested during the demonstration because officials anxious about injuries in the resulting chaos.

For now, numerous removed statues gather dust in warehouses or, as in the case of New Orleans, sit disassembled in a city scrap yard, where two were found by local reporters.

"If the goal of a statue is only to hold people up as an ideal role model", Horn said, "it's pretty clear that no Confederate memorial could ever achieve that aim because anybody who fought for a confederacy dedicated to securing human property cannot be an ideal role model". "And Charlottesville, in this historic moment, happens to be that place". "And I think about what I can do to bring us together".

Where are North Carolina's Confederate monuments? Here's a map