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Safe viewing of rare solar eclipse

19 Août 2017

For those who are along a slim, 150-mile thick band stretching from Salem, Charleston, S.C., the sky will darken and night will fall for roughly two minutes as the sun is completely blocked by the moon.

Proper eyewear is needed to view the eclipse without damaging the retina of your eye.

Of course there are NASA apps for iOS, Android and Amazon Fire and Fire TV that will be showing the eclipse. A total eclipse will be visible for those south of the border along a narrow path from OR to SC.

What you want are either welders glasses, you really want to use degree 14, or you can get those fancy solar eclipse glasses that you might have found at your local library, your local science museum.

More than seven million people across the United States will be able to witness the solar eclipse from the so-called path of totality on Monday.

An eclipse happens as the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun as seen from our location on the surface of the earth. While the sky will still get dark if clouds cover the sun, you won't see the dramatic effects of the eclipse.

"How an eclipse happens, what makes an eclipse, what makes it happen, learn about our solar system becomes a little bit more versed in basic astronomy", Kinney said.

Safe viewing of rare solar eclipse
Safe viewing of rare solar eclipse

Everyone viewing the eclipse will need special glasses, but with all the recalls issued on the glasses, consumers may be wondering if they have the right ones and when they should wear them.

That's 4,000 glasses they sold in those three days.

Pennington said the university has held back on distributing the glasses while they wait for more students to be on campus and know about the eclipse. A Youtube video answers this question and shows a spectacular view of the solar eclipse, as experienced from space. The UK will be witnessing a partial eclipse before the total solar eclipse reached the US.

However, snapping a photo of the eclipse can cause major damage to your phones if you have any sort of zoom lens attached to your phone. In a partial solar eclipse, the sun is covered partially, while the whole sun is covered in a total solar eclipse.

Let's say you want to experience a solar eclipse, but you're busy on Monday.

"Our ophthalmologists don't see much need for concern with animals during the eclipse", said Rob Warren, a spokesman for the UC Davis Veterinary Hospital.

Taking care of your eyes is one of the things to have on your check-list before Monday.

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Safe viewing of rare solar eclipse