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Twin Peaks actor arrested on attempted murder charges

18 Août 2017

Jeremy Lindholm, 41, was arrested Wednesday night on attempted second-degree murder charges after beating his girlfriend with the bat outside the Spokane, Washington, business.

A press release from Spokane Police Department states that CCTV footage at the business showed "an extremely violent assault perpetrated by Lindholm".

According to TMZ, the performer of Mickey in the episode 6 of the series of David Lynch will soon be charged for attempted murder.

When police confronted him in an alley, he was still holding the baseball bat. The victim said that he also said he wanted to kill her. On interviewing witnesses and the victim in the attack, it was found to be a case of domestic violence.

Linholm told police he and his girlfriend were fighting all day.

"After watching the video and taking statements into account, Officers felt that the victim's life was in danger, and there was information suggesting the intent of the suspect was to kill the victim", reads the statement. Alerted by a shopkeeper, the police force of the city of Spokane have caught up with the actor, who was attempting to flee with the weapon of his crime to the hand. Lindholm did admit he had been arguing with his girlfriend shortly before she left to get him some Kool Aid.

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The victim was transported by ambulance to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

He followed her to her work armed with a bat and the assault took place there.

He is being held on a $100,000 (£77,500) bail.

Become an actor on the late, Jeremy Lindholm had played in several short films, including Game of Cards, the most noticed of them. Mitchell said their interactions with Lindholm were always "consistently professional".

Our thoughts are with everyone involved in this tragic incident.

Twin Peaks actor arrested on attempted murder charges