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Taylor Swift Just Deleted All of Her Instagram Photos

18 Août 2017

According to Los Angeles Times, her successful "1989" tour also earned the singer more than $250 million dollars in gross income, with nearly $200 million coming from North American ticket sales.

Taylor Swift's social media accounts and websites were wiped clean on Friday morning, leaving fans in a frenzy and wondering whether the 27-year-old star had been hacked, or is on the verge of dropping a new album.

Perhaps not coincidentally, today marks the three-year anniversary of the release of "Shake It Off", and the announcement of Taylor's last album, 1989.

However, if she's simply going off the grid to take some time to get ready for autumnal drinking season, then her fans would be facing a new age of deficient Taylor Swift levels in their lives.

"Is this the new era coming or has she been hacked?"

Taylor Swift donates to sexual assault charity
Joyful Heart is honored to be recognized by Taylor Swift for her work against victims of domestic violence and sexual assault . Ex-DJ David Mueller groped the singer during a photo shoot on her Red tour in 2013.

Her Instagram posts are gone.

Update 8/18, 12:48 p.m.: Never mind, the tweets and Twitter photos are slowly disappearing as well. Could she be replacing her profile pictures with imagery from an upcoming album?

According to a new report, Finman hopes to launch a mini satellite into space which will include the recordings of several people, including top music artists like Swift. It has now been two years and almost ten months since October 2014's 1989, so Swifties are understandably anxious.

Perez Hilton is speculating that Swift could have been hacked, but unless she starts tweeting ISIS propaganda momentarily, it seems more likely that the pop star is gearing up to drop a single or unveil a new album.

Taylor Swift Just Deleted All of Her Instagram Photos