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Solar Eclipse of the..

18 Août 2017

Pinkney says the solar eclipse is pretty unbelievable to see and although we can't see "totality" here in OH, he says if you can drive to another city to see it, it's definitely worth it.

While the truly spectacular sights (read, the total solar eclipse) will not come to a telescope near you if you live in Tucson or anywhere in the Southwest, you can still enjoy the partial solar eclipse, during which you will see 60 percent of the sun covered by the moon.

"Models give us weather patterns", he said. "Basically, to be able to see the sun eclipsed by the moon, it has to be clear out", Gross said.

But if it's cloudy and you've traveled for the total solar eclipse, prepare for disappointment.

The eclipse on Monday yeah now they'll look at OR mile CD clams OR hopefully the weather action may support cooperate with 30% chance for storms out there in the Max part of the eclipse viewing will be about 1:29 PM so hopefully keep the storms off to after that point.

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During a three-hour span that afternoon, the moon will pass in between the earth and the sun. Visit the site to calculate eclipse times from any location. In Tucson the eclipse starts at 9:16 a.m. and is at maximum at 10:36 a.m. We've asked experts for tips on getting the most out of this celestial spectacle.

"Actually, the eclipse will traverse the entire continental US, with total darkness occurring along a band stretching from OR to SC - a fact that led celebrity astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson to dub this "'Muuuuurica's Eclipse". "Some solar viewing glasses will be available to share".

Pinkney wants to remind everyone to be careful and use the protective glasses if you are planning to view the solar eclipse.

Many organizations probably will be participating in free public viewing of the eclipse.

Keep in mind to never look at the sun without proper solar viewing glasses or filters. Note: Visitors will need to pay the usage fee to access Sabino Canyon Recreation Area.

Solar Eclipse of the..