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High school stadium has $70 million price tag

18 Août 2017

"I can't think of a lot of division one programs that are as nice as this", Joe Digorgio said. That price estimate was approved by voters who rejected a $69 million price tag for a new stadium the year before.

In a previous story, a school district spokeswoman said the stadium is expected to bring in $500,000 in revenues each year. But since construction began, costs ballooned to $72.1 million.

The community is getting its first look inside the stadium Thursday night.

The school superintendent said the stadium is a reflection of the community and hopes it will provide an economic boost for the town. He said there was no question another stadium was needed in the district. The district said those rooms are available to rent out during games for $1,500 and the money will go towards the district's general fund.

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Many have referred to Legacy Stadium as an outdoor classroom because of the Live Action Media Broadcast System (L.A.M.B.S.) inside the stadium.

The stadium could put a few college complexes to shame. The end result is the most expensive high school sports facility in the county, registering at a grand $70.3 million!

However, if costs in McKinney increase by a bit more than $2 million, it could overtake Katy.

High school stadium has $70 million price tag