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Two pitbulls save children from a poisonous snake

17 Août 2017

The snake then struck at them - leaving the kids alone - and Slayer, 3, suffered bites to his face and snout, while 9-month-old Paco was struck in the leg.

On Sunday afternoon, a venomous snake slithered into Melissa Butt's yard as her grandchildren, 4-year-old Zayden and one-year-old Mallory, played in the garden.

The dogs barked at the snake to leave, causing the serpent to strike.

The reptile was just inches from the children when the two pit bulls sprang into action.

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Both dogs were in bad shape when she rushed them to Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners Hospital in Brandon. "It is very, very painful", Dr. Shelby Loos told WFLA-TV. "But, we have to act fast".

"Pets are truly part of the family, and in this case, they proved that to every extent possible", Butt told News Channel 8. "That absolutely would have been one of my grandchildren whether it be yesterday, or today or tomorrow" she said. They were quickly given antivenin, an anti-venom medication, and Paco was soon pronounced stable and on his way home. And thanks to Butt's social media posts and the kindness of strangers, she won't even have to worry about the vet bills.

Both dogs required immediate life-saving treatment.

This story has a happy ending, since Paco has already recovered from his injuries, while Slayer is still recovering at Blue Pearl, its state is only getting better and he could go home soon.

Two pitbulls save children from a poisonous snake