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This Is Apparently The New BMW Z4 Concept

17 Août 2017

You like? Revealed at the world's poshest garden party - the Concours d'Elegance at Pebble Beach - it leaves precious little to the imagination about what the production version will look like when it lands in 2018.

BMW's Concept Z4 is an evolutionary, not revolutionary, design study for a redone Z4 roadster production model the company says it will show in the coming year. Let's hope not. For the designers, it amounts to a "very modern and sporting tribute to the celebrated roadsters of BMW's past".

The front end styling is undeniably linked to the 8 Series Concept. BMW wrapped all these in a fresh, confident package with big brakes, aggressive styling (including a shorter hood and crisper overhangs that ensure the driver sits closer to the center of the vehicle than in previous BMW roadsters), and a low roofline to signal the two-door's performance credentials. This time around, though, BMW has truncated the overhangs and trimmed the hood length, which it says puts the driver closer to the center of the Z4 Concept.

As well as that M-version, the Z4 will also be offered with all-wheel drive and even a hybrid powertrain.

The large domes stretch back from the seats to enhance the Concept Z4's sporting intent. It also sits above an air breather aft of the front wheel. The rear end is dominated by wide vertical taillights and an attractive diffuser.

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A series of creases and precise lines fold into one, creating an overall sculpted, muscular exterior.

Inside, the driver-focused cockpit is blacked out in contrast to the passenger-side's orange highlights, while the digital displays for the instrument cluster and multimedia system are parallel.

A head-up display projects key data right into the driver's eyeline, Controls are grouped into what BMW is calling "function islands" that can be easily identified and reduce distraction.

The shape will influence the design of the upcoming production Z4 that's due in 2019.

"The BMW Concept Z4 in an all-out driving machine", he said.

This Is Apparently The New BMW Z4 Concept