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Trump Calls Guam Amid North Korea Tensions, Says: 'You Are Safe'

16 Août 2017

Marine General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, reaffirmed the USA commitment to protect South Korea after a meeting with President Moon Jae-in, spokesman Park Su-hyun told reporters in Seoul on Monday.

North Korea is known to hold an ambassadors' meeting once or twice a year, where top officials share Kim's thoughts on crucial issues and ambassadors look for ways to promote them overseas.

Guam and the USA air and naval forces that are based there have been under alert since it was named by North Korea as a potential demonstration target, with the regime threatening to fire missiles into the sea near the island that's home to some 160,000 people.

Tuesday marks the anniversary of Japan's expulsion from the Korean peninsula, a rare holiday celebrated by both the North and the South. Moon and Kim, who has not been seen publicly for several days, are both expected to make addresses on their respective sides of the heavily militarised border. Pentagon officials have told Fox News that the USA military stands ready to "fight tonight".

In a telephone call on Tuesday, Abe also agree with Trump that their top priority regarding North Korea was to do what they could to halt missile launches by the regime.

On August 11, the USA island territory's Homeland Security Office of Civil Defense posted a website fact sheet entitled "In Case of Emergency.Preparing for an Imminent Missile Threat" in response to North Korea's threat to launch a volley of ballistic missiles in Guam's direction.

For Kim Jong-Un, avoiding that fate is a rational move.

New U.N. sanctions condemning North Korea's rapidly developing nuclear program drew fresh ire and threats from the North. Trump, responding to a report that US intelligence indicates Pyongyang can now put a nuclear warhead on its long-range missiles, vowed to rain down "fire and fury" if challenged.

"The bottom line is, we will defend the country from an attack; for us (U.S. military) that is war", Mattis said.

In his first public appearance in about two weeks, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspected the command of the North's army on Monday, examining a plan to fire four missiles to land near the US Pacific territory of Guam, the official KCNA said in a report.

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The United States and South Korea have prepared for more joint military drills, which has infuriated the North, and experts warned Pyongyang could still go ahead with a provocative plan.

The report goes on to say a conflict on the Peninsula would disrupt global supply chains and world trade volumes as well as shipping and air travel.

"We continue to be interested in finding a way to get to dialogue but that's up to him", Tillerson told reporters.

Tensions have been mounting since the North tested two intercontinental ballistic missiles last month, which appeared to bring much of the United States within range.

The briefing took place in a war room where other maps of operational zones in South Korea and Japan were hanging on a wall right behind the North's leader. North Korea's government acquired nuclear weapons in order to secure its own survival, so it should be relatively easy to deter them from using those weapons.

"Our government will put everything on the line to prevent another war on the Korean Peninsula", Moon said.

North Korea has persisted with its nuclear and missile programs, to ward off perceived USA hostility, in defiance of UN Security Council resolutions and sanctions.

Trump has urged China, the North's main ally and trading partner, to do more to rein in its neighbour, often linking Beijing's efforts to comments around U.S. -South Korean military exercises that enrage the North each year makes it unclear, however, if diplomacy will prevail.

Guam was claimed by Spain in 1565 and became a US territory in 1898 during the Spanish-American War.

"I am certain the United States will respond to the current situation calmly and responsibly in a stance that is equal to ours", he said.

Trump Calls Guam Amid North Korea Tensions, Says: 'You Are Safe'