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Johnny Depp to Produce TV Adaptation of The Secret World

16 Août 2017

The estimated release date hasn't yet been announced, but a pilot has been written by James V. Hart (Hook, Dracula, Contact) and Jake Hart. Central to the plot of the series is also the war against the supernatural Giddings have partnered together to produce a television series based off the MMO, The Secret World.

The television series is based on the universe of The Secret World and will follow a team of undercover agents and the shadowy war between the game's secret societies.

Gudrun Giddings will also produce via his company G4C Innovation, with Christi Dembrowski and Sam Sarkar also on board as producers.

"It is one of the most character-driven and well-developed games I know of".

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"The Secret World universe is full of stories just waiting to be told", says Funcom CEO Rui Casais. "Hence it naturally lends itself to fantastical storylines with intriguing characters, a thrilling, and binge-worthy global TV show". He spoke enthusiastically of the "fantastical storylines" and "intriguing characters" possible in a Secret World TV series, with Sarkar adding enigmatically, "This is the secret story of the people who rule the people who rule the world".

From the moment Gudrun first brought this to me, I loved this property.

The Secret World is coming to the small screen. Combining Illuminati conspiracy theories, urban legends and real-life cyber-sleuthing, the dark and disturbing RPG has maintained its popularity for over half a decade, even in the face of big names like Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft. There is no word on the specific story for the show, but if it's anything like the show, you can expect there to be agents, supernatural elements, and fights that take place around the world, among other things.

Johnny Depp to Produce TV Adaptation of The Secret World