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Florida man wrecks liquor shop, blames caterpillar

15 Août 2017

But here's where it gets weird (more so), according to police, after Jones was arrested he claimed his name was Alice in Wonderland and that a "hookah-smoking caterpillar" forced him to commit the crime.

The Miami Herald reports that Mathew Horace Jones, 32, was arrested on Saturday after he trashed a construction site in Crestview, causing a total of $129,000 in damage, including the cost of labor to clean up the wreck. Jones told police he did it because a hookah-smoking caterpillar told him to, according to a Crestview Police news release. Jones is being accused of breaking into the construction site and using the forklift to destroy the building under construction that was attached to the main store.

Crestview Police were alerted to the site after receiving complaints about a man "throwing cinder blocks off the scaffolding in the construction zone".

When police arrived, Jones allegedly aimed the forklift at officers on scene before they stopped him at gunpoint and took him into custody.

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According to police, Jones informed them that his name was "Alice Wonderland and he was told to commit the offenses by a hookah-smoking caterpillar".

Jones also reportedly said he "had a problem" with the liquor store being built as part of the Walmart.

Additionally, the suspect damaged a city fire hydrant and a two-inch water meter worth about $3,200. He faces grand theft felony and other charges.

Jones was on probation for burglary.

Florida man wrecks liquor shop, blames caterpillar