Jeudi, 17 Août 2017
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Immigrants found inside tractor-trailer in Edinburg

14 Août 2017

EDINBURG, Texas- Police found 17 undocumented immigrants locked inside a trailer in Edinburg on Sunday, according to reports from a CBS affiliate.

There were no ambulances saw on the scene, and Edinburg police did not report any wounds or setbacks. When officers got thumps once more from one trailer, they discovered 17 migrants bolted inside from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Romania, police said.

KGBT in Harlingen says police received a call from a person in Mexico who claimed their family member was locked inside a trailer located at a Flying J's gas station. Robert Rodriguez, a Public Affairs Supervisor for Border Patrol, said they are as yet assembling points of interest.

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Two people, a man and a woman in charge of the tractor trailer have been detained.

Before being taken into custody, The Monitor observed a group of more than 10 individuals sitting in a shaded area underneath a tree. They were drinking filtered water while Border Patrol operators directed the examination.

Immigrants found inside tractor-trailer in Edinburg