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Fired engineer James Damore: Google is 'almost like a cult' (GOOG)

13 Août 2017

As controversy continues to swirl around James Damore, the Google engineer who was sacked after writing a memo about gender diversity at the company, the longtime New York Times columnist David Brooks has placed blame squarely on the shoulders of Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

In the 10-page, 3,300-word manifesto, the 28-year-old argues that a gender gap at Google exists not exclusively because of sexism, but in part because of "biological" differences between men and women.

Damore lost his job Monday after a firestorm erupted over the weekend when his memo went viral. In an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, "Why I was sacked by Google", Damore said that Google is "a particularly intense echo chamber because it is in the middle of Silicon Valley and is so life-encompassing as a place to work". Google said he had crossed the line "by advancing harmful gender stereotypes" and many employees were upset about the views outlined in the memo. Brown locked her account this week after being inundated with hateful tweets for her critical response to an engineer's controversial memo attacking Google's diversity efforts. Plenty of websites published internal posts and gave personal information on Google employees. Rather than pick up the thread of his objections to the gender diversity policies within Google, Damore focuses on the second main argument of his thesis, which dealt with Google's inflexibility on intellectual diversity. VIDEO: Google Memo: Fired Employee Speaks Out "I do plan to have a career in tech - I found it very fascinating", said Technovation finalist Lilyan Sullivan.

The Google engineer who was sacked after his critique of the company's diversity policy was made public compared his former workplace to a "cult".

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Pichai said in an email to staff that several Google employees became fearful for their safety and grew concerned about being outed for speaking up at the town hall. Around half of the 60 women considering suing Google are current employees, Finberg said, adding that over a dozen women admitted that discrimination at work played a role in their leaving the firm.

"Googlers are writing in, concerned about their safety and anxious they may be "outed" publicly for asking a question in the Town Hall", Pichai told employees, explaining his decision to cancel the all-hands meeting. My firing neatly confirms that point. The engineer has claimed he had a right to voice concerns over workplace conditions and filed a labor relations board complaint prior to being fired. James Finberg, who is a civil rights attorney has announced that he is working on finding a legal basis for these women.

Google's liberal stance toward self-expression, enabled by those online forums, was created in part to show that it is not bound by the conventions that stifle more stodgy companies.

A Google spokesperson declined to comment on the pending class-action.

Fired engineer James Damore: Google is 'almost like a cult' (GOOG)