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Ex Al Shababa Leader Surrenders To Southwest State

13 Août 2017

However, the South West state of Somalia said on Saturday that it provided a military support to former defected leader from Al-Shabaab. "Robow is now in Hudur town with southwest State officials".

Al Jazeera's Mohammed Adow, who had interviewed Robow, said the defection is significant as he is one of the founding leaders of al-Shabab, and is the only one living today. Al-Shabab still controls parts of rural Somalia.

His defection comes two months after the United States removed a $5 million reward for his capture and took him off its list of sponsors of terrorism after five years.

Al Shabaab fell out with its former spokesman and deputy leader Robow in 2013 and he has been laying low in the jungles with his forces since then.

It was not immediately clear what would now happen to Robow, but residents and an analyst were doubtful over the impact of the move.

Mohamed Aden, a history lecturer at a Mogadishu university, told Reuters: "If criminals are not taken to court, then there will be no peace".

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Mansoor, a jihadist, has been involved in several armed Islamist groups including Al-Ittihaad Al-Islaami in the 1990s.

Al-Shabab also faces a new military push from the USA after President Donald Trump approved expanded operations, including air strikes.

Heavily armed fighters from Al-Shabaab launched an attack on the main hideout of Abu-mansur in Bakol region, southwest Somalia in recent days, but encountered a strong resistance from his loyalists in the area.

The militants, who are allied with Al Qaeda, were driven out of the capital Mogadishu in 2011.

They have also since lost almost all other territory they previously controlled after an offensive by Somali government troops and AU-mandated AMISOM peacekeepers.

Al Shabaab, however, remains a formidable threat and frequently carries out bombings both in Mogadishu and other towns against both military and civilian targets.

Ex Al Shababa Leader Surrenders To Southwest State