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EU Council expands sanctions against North Korea

13 Août 2017

In a statement Thursday, it says the asset freezes and travel bans were added to the EU's North Korea sanction list to bring the bloc into line with a new U.N. Security Council Resolution.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Trump vowed on Monday to increase pressure on the North over its weapons programs shortly after the UN Security Council ratcheted up economic sanctions on Pyongyang.

The European Union expanded its sanctions on North Korea as the back and forth between the United States and Pyongyang escalated.

With the move, 62 people and 50 entities, such as companies, organizations and banks, are now under sanctions in line with the United Nations list.

Trump: Military solutions 'locked & loaded' against North Korea
The government wants to be prepared in the event that the North Korean missiles fail as they cross over Japan. Tuesday: " North Korea , best not make any more threats to the United States ", Mr Trump tells reporters .

The European Union has responded to the North Korean threats to send a salvo of missiles toward the USA territory of Guam by expanding the sanctions blacklist to align the EU's punitive measures with a new United Nations Security Council resolution.

Last month, North Korea tested two intercontinental ballistic missiles, at least one of which experts believe could reach deep into the continental U.S. North Korea said it would fire ballistic missiles toward Guam, home to some 7,000 American military personnel.

The DPRK's actions, which the statement says "gave threat to worldwide peace and security", will block transactions in coal, iron and iron ore, ban imports of copper, nickel, silver and zinc from North Korea, as well as suspend scientific and technical cooperation and even slow the flow of earnings made by the country's citizens while overseas being sent home.

EU Council expands sanctions against North Korea