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Donald Trump Says Maybe His Warning To North Korea 'Wasn't Tough Enough'

13 Août 2017

A Korean Peninsula free of nuclear weapons is a goal both Washington and Beijing are interested in pursuing, U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed during a phone conversation Friday.

Mr. Xi also called on "relevant parties to maintain restraint" and to "persist in the general direction of dialogue, negotiations and a political settlement", CCTV said".

North Koreans have lived for decades with the state media message that war is imminent, the to blame and their country is ready to defend itself.

A war on words was ignited on Tuesday when Trump threatened to unleash "fire and fury like the world has never seen" on North Korea.

The general in charge of North Korea's missile force said "sound dialogue is not possible" with Trump and that "only absolute force can work on him".

"Though I don't want the temperature to get any higher, I think it's important also that there is clarity and that if there is an attack on American soil including Guam, that it will be met with overwhelming response", Calvo told reporters on Friday.

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Trump has shown no signs of toning down his language on North Korea, warning - and later reaffirming - on Friday that military solutions to the current standoff with Pyongyang are "locked and loaded".

President Donald Trump later offered reassurance to residents of Guam.

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Britain will not help the U.S. attack North Korea if a war breaks out, it has been revealed. No doubt, the country's nuclear missile development has progressed at a faster pace than anticipated by the USA government.

Last year, North Korea focused its provocative rhetoric on New York City, claiming it could "burn Manhattan down to ashes" after testing what it said was a hydrogen bomb.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Friday that "the risks are very high" that the U.S. and North Korea could go to war, while German Chancellor Angela Merkel said an escalation in language was "the wrong response".

North Korea has laid out plans to strike the U.S. island territory and major military hub of Guam in the Pacific.

Officials have not raised the USA territory's threat level after Pyongyang said it had laid out plans to strike near the island in the coming weeks.

When North Korea on Wednesday repeated its intention to plan a missile strike directed at Guam, its wording was filled with conditions and chances for the country to backpedal.

But it also said that if the US and South Korea attacked North Korea to force regime change, then China must intervene to prevent it.

President Trump issued yet another threat against North Korea on Friday afternoon, saying that if dictator Kim Jong Un threatens the USA again, "he will truly regret it".

"I think China can do a lot more".

Donald Trump Says Maybe His Warning To North Korea 'Wasn't Tough Enough'