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Solar Eclipse 2017: Glasses Giveaway

12 Août 2017

And in that time, I have seen many uncommon phenomena in the sky-total lunar eclipses, the 2001 Leonid meteor storm with 2,400 "shooting stars" in just three hours, the 1986 apparition of Halley's Comet and much more. This path the shadow takes is called the path of totality.

Whether you're attending a public event or want to view the eclipse in solitude, Williams cautions people to be well equipped.

How weird is it that the moon can basically exactly block out the sun?

Though Chicago is expected to see only a partial eclipse, with 87 percent of the sun covered, it will be the closest the city has been to the path of totality since 1925.

Can we learn anything from eclipse events, or are they really just oddities that happen in nature?

And at the new moon, there will be a solar eclipse, when the sun is blocked by the moon. The outermost layer of the sun, known as the corona, is hard to study because it's less bright than the rest of the sun - so we have trouble seeing it amid the rest of the sun's brightness. Eclipses give scientists opportunities to get more data to study the corona in depth. If weather is cloudy, most viewing events will provide a live NASA stream of the eclipse inside.

"We're going to have telescopes with solar filters, we've ordered 250 pairs of solar glasses that are safe to observe. I think people will be interested to see how people react to such a long eclipse". NASA-funded studies during this eclipse will look at the effects from the eclipse on our atmosphere as well as what happens on land.

"You can get special glasses that should be certified".

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Other prime places to watch the eclipse in Kentucky are Franklin and Scottsville.

Eclipse viewing glasses also will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis on the library plaza, the news release said.

NASA, meantime, has issued an alert about glasses sold by third-party vendors online, where you can't guarantee they are the real thing and meet the sun blockage standards.

Check the American Astronomical Society (AAS) Reputable Vendors of Solar Filters & Viewers link,, for a list of manufacturers and authorized dealers of eclipse glasses and handheld solar viewers that are verified to comply with ISO 12312-2, worldwide safety standard for these products. We've posted a link at

DeKalb County will be in the path of the upcoming solar eclipse August 21.

People across the country and here in eastern North Carolina are getting geared up for the highly anticipated eclipse.

Finally, if you can't find glasses, or simply don't trust any of them, optometrists say you can make an old fashioned projector, by putting a pin hole in a piece of cardboard and watching the sun's shadow. Many did have solar eclipse glasses to sell but they have since sold out.

Solar Eclipse 2017: Glasses Giveaway