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Gov Calvo receives phone call from US President

12 Août 2017

Guam Governor Eddie Baza Calvo had a brief conversation with President Donald Trump on Friday, in which Trump told Calvo he supports Guam "one-thousand per cent".

In a recorded phone call to Guam Gov. Eddie Calvo, the president tried to reassure the residents of the island, saying, "We are with you 1000 percent...."

The North has threatened to fire ballistic missiles over Japan toward the tourism-dependent idyllic island, as Pyongyang and Washington ratchet up their war of words.

Calvo responded: "I have never felt so safe or so confident with you at the helm".

"We'll see how it all works out, but you're not going to have a problem and I just wanted to pay my respects and say you seem like a hell of a guy".

The US president told Mr Calvo that Guam - which has a population of 160,000 and is about twice the size of Malta - seemed lovely, telling the governor he had seen images in news reports about the North Korean threat.

Trump went on to congratulate Calvo for "becoming extremely famous", adding, "All over the world they're talking about Guam". All over the world they're talking about Guam and they're talking about you.

Calvo concurred, giving Trump a tourism pitch and describing it as "paradise".

He then reassured Mr Calvo, who he describes as a "hell of a guy", telling him the United States military is "rock solid".

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Mr Trump agreed that, "They should have had me in years ago ... frankly you could have said that for the last three presidents".

Hawaii has also sought to prepare residents for the threat of a nuclear missile attack from North Korea, while stressing that the risk of a strike is low.

"You just went to 110 I think", Mr Trump joked.

Mr Trump has said he would not allow Pyongyang to develop a nuclear weapon capable of hitting the United States.

Referring to an "imminent missile threat", it includes advice like: "Do not look at the flash or fireball - it can blind you".

The president called the USA military "incredible, "rock solid" and "the best in the world by a factor of five".

"The U.S. President at [golf] links again let out a load of nonsense about 'fire and fury, ' failing to grasp the ongoing grave situation", a commander of the North Korean army said, as reported by CNN.

On Friday, the president had issued fresh threats of swift and forceful retaliation against nuclear North Korea, declaring the USA military "locked and loaded" and warning that the communist country's leader "will regret it fast" if he takes any action against US territories or allies.

Gov Calvo receives phone call from US President