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West Nile Virus found in Kent Co. mosquitoes

11 Août 2017

The specimen were discovered in the City of Grand Rapids in one of the department's mosquito traps.

The department said in July that the first mosquitoes of the year had tested positive for eastern equine encephalitis virus.

There are 11 traps total placed throughout the county as a project to help prevent outbreaks of illnesses spread through mosquitoes.

A mosquito in Mitchell has tested positive for West Nile virus.

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KCHD Administrative Health Officer Adam London said he expects West Nile to stick around until the first frost and that just because it was discovered in the 49507 area, that doesn't mean it's confined there. The virus was found in mosquito samples collected in Tiverton, Pawtucket and Westerly June 26.

The first MI case of West Nile was diagnosed in 2001, two years after it appeared in the United States.

There are also four traps in Kent County created to attract two additional mosquito species known to carry the Zika virus. "We want people to be aware that they can greatly reduce their own risks by taking some simple precautions".