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No Man's Sky Atlas Rises update brings some significant changes

11 Août 2017

If the description turns out to be true, joint exploration may, in fact, be the arrival of the long anticipated multiplayer functionality for the game, although it also could be something else entirely, so take this information with a grain of salt.

First and foremost, Atlas Rises (Update 1.3) introduces a brand new central storyline to the game, which includes a new quest system, a new race of interdimensional beings and 30 hours of story content.

In addition to the new story, Atlas Rises also improves navigation between planets and systems, increases the variety of planetary biomes, adds giant, crashed freighters to planet surfaces, introduces a new mission system, adds depth to the trading system, upgrades the Analysis Visor, overhauls the UI and opens up terrain editing with the Multi-Tool. Well now you might actually go back there and make a home because Atlas Rises now has snazzy portals to let you zip all around the cosmos. However, with the addition of quick-travel portals, this might be a little easier. Hello Games have already teased a more function co-op multiplayer in a future update and they are calling this integration of online multiplayer as the first step towards this direction. You can also easily revisit places you've left and, most notable of all, play with up to fifteen other players at once.

"Visualised by unusual floating orbs, up to 16 players can see and communicate with one another, and explore the universe together", Hello Games explains on its website. You've got to find that out yourself, folks.

If you spot unusual floating orbs on a planet (like the ones above) they're actually other players.

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Hello Games wrote, "While interaction with others is now very limited, this is an important first step into the world of synchronous co-op in No Man's Sky".

You'll be able to analyse resources before you start hacking away to gain alternative resources from mining too.

It pays to be a nosy parker in No Man's Sky.

At roughly 1 am United Kingdom, a password protected page was put up on the No Man's Sky website containing the 1.3 Patch Notes.

No Man's Sky Atlas Rises update brings some significant changes