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A Song With 10-Minutes of Silence Crawls Up iTunes Charts

11 Août 2017

It's the result of an odd bug that has iPhones automatically start playing songs alphabetically. Frantically scrolling through your music to find a song is no longer an issue with Samir Rezhami's song of silence. When this happens, songs with titles beginning with the letter A are more or less ruined for users as they are played every time the users plug their smartphones into their vehicles. A truly frugal iPhone user could create their own blank track but the 99 cents might be worth the convenience and definitely worth not hearing the same song every single time.

Named A a a a a Very Good Song, he released the song two days ago, and it's already making a lot of buzz on the social media and on the iTunes. Its 10-minute duration gives iPhone owners enough time to line up the songs that they want to hear for their trip and also saves users from hearing the opening lines of the same song whenever they simply want to charge their iPhone in their auto.

A freaky music track has become an unexpected hit on the iTunes charts, rising above the likes of Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake - and there's not a single word or note to be heard on it.

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For a good number of iTunes users, those benefits are enough to shell out $0.99 for the blank track.

Now that we know why the silent iTunes song has risen in popularity, the next question to ask is whether Apple will allow the track to stay on iTunes.

A Song With 10-Minutes of Silence Crawls Up iTunes Charts