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President Trump gets twice-daily 'propaganda document' of biased news

09 Août 2017

The press office refers to it as "the propaganda document", and recently departed press secretary Sean Spicer and recently fired chief of staff Reince Priebus competed for who would get the chance to deliver it to the president.

Vice reached out to former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer via email for comment on the contents of these positive packets.

Because good news is exactly what Trump receives, twice a day, packaged in a folder for him by the White House communications team, according to a new report by Vice News.

Apparently, President Donald Trump gets a dose of hero-worship to puff up his already over-inflated ego twice a day.

Another White House official said that Priebus and Spicer ordered the special folders and would personally deliver them to Trump to help curry his favor.

The process of creating the dossier begins at the Republican National Committee's "war room" - a group that is tasked with monitoring local and global news, digital media and print media to analyze how the party, its candidate and their opponents are being perceived by the world at large.

Vice says they confirmed the story with three current and former White House staffers and that on days when there isn't enough good news to fill the folders, they include photos of the president looking powerful.

An unnamed White House official told Vice the only feedback the communications shop had ever gotten regarding the document was: "It needs to be more fucking positive".

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J'ai toujours serré la main de mes adversaires, je les ai toujours félicités. L'Américain ne comprend pas pourquoi il est considéré comme un "bad boy".

Each bit of news is really absolutely tremendous, hugely positive, bigly great information - the best you can find.

In the wake of nearly every event he holds, whether it be a rally, a bilateral press conference or a White House ceremony, Trump is presented with a packet of screen-shots showing how the television networks covered the event, two senior administration officials told CNNMoney.

Officials reportedly trawl through all sorts of news mediums-TV, websites, newspapers, Twitter-in preparing the folder.

Oh. You know what, I'm suddenly on board with the soothing propaganda folders.

However, one former White House staffer told Vice that if they had presented Barack Obama with a similar folder "he would have roared with laughter".

Former White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer of the Obama administration, a vocal Trump critic, took to social media to criticize the alleged dossiers.

The first "Real News" video appeared a little over a week ago on Mr Trump's Facebook page and featured the president's daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, who is married to his son Eric.