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Documents: Man who threatened Jewish centers was for-hire caller

09 Août 2017

The spree came to an end when police arrested 19-year-old Israeli citizen Michael Kadar in connection with the threats, overcoming various anonymity measures to trace the calls.

Michael Kadar, 18, was charged in April with allegedly making 245 threatening calls between January 4 and March 7 to organizations around the USA that targeted JCCs, other historical Jewish institutions, and Anti-Defamation League offices.

It was a buy-a-bomb-threat service, the feds say, that a teenager was running as he targeted scores of schools and Jewish community centers here and across the country earlier this year.

Court documents link the suspect to a posting on a now-shuttered illicit marketplace advertising a "School Email Bomb Threat Service". The threats led to evacuations, sent a chill through Jewish communities and stoked fears of rising anti-Semitism.

Following Kadar's arrest, the Federal Bureau of Investigation sought a warrant to search an AlphaBay account under the name "Darknet_Legend", which they connected to Kadar after examining his laptop, according to the unsealed court filings. On a thumb drive confiscated from Kadar's home, investigators said they found a document that was almost identical to an AlphaBay posting by "Darknet_Legend" offering bomb-threat services for sale.

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In the online ad, Kadar allegedly offered refunds if the threats were unsuccessful -factors of success included a news article or a Facebook post about it. "I just add the persons name to the email".

AlphaBay went to great lengths to hide the identities of its vendors and customers, and it promoted money-laundering services to mask the flow of bitcoin and other digital currencies from investigators, authorities said.

Kadar's alleged profile on AlphaBay received a positive review from someone who praised him for being "on time and on target". "We got evacuated and got the day cut short" - that online post, made hours after a high school in northern California was closed as police investigated a threat.

US law enforcement officials said in July they and worldwide partners had closed down AlphaBay, a leading marketplace for drug and firearm trafficking, computer hacking tools and other illegal goods and services.

Documents: Man who threatened Jewish centers was for-hire caller