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Dutch Eggs Contaminated with Fipronil Delivered to France, Says Ministry

08 Août 2017

"The number of eggs involved is very small, and the risk to public health is very low, but we are urgently investigating the distribution of these eggs in the United Kingdom". The FSA's warning came after millions of eggs were taken off supermarket shelves in continental Europe last week due to fipronil contamination. The EU's executive arm alerted France, Britain, Sweden and Switzerland as a precaution while Belgian and Dutch authorities investigate how the insecticide came illegally into contact with poultry.

Eggs tainted with the insecticide first were discovered in Belgium in early June, weeks before the public would be made aware of a food safety scare now affecting several European countries.

The ministry said that at this point had no evidence contaminated eggs or meat were destined for consumption.

It is thought that the level of potential exposure from the eggs is so low it is unlikely to pose a risk to public health.

The British Egg Industry Council said there was no need to "change the way they cook or consume eggs" and that buyers should look for the British Lion mark to ensure they are getting "safe British eggs".

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Fipronil is used in more than 50 pesticide products, and is used to kill ants, beetles, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, termites, crickets and other insects, according to the National Pesticide Information Center. When ingested by humans, it can cause nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness and seizures.

Aldi and Lidl stores in Germany, along with Dutch supermarkets, have already taken millions of eggs off shelves.

The contamination is alleged to have come from a product meant to eradicate red lice in breeding farms, which was apparently used despite European Union regulations banning such products in animals destined for the human food chain. All eggs in Belgium were blocked from sale.

Meanwhile, the FSA's warning came after it told on Friday (August 4) that there was no evidence that contaminated products had entered the United Kingdom market.

Dutch Eggs Contaminated with Fipronil Delivered to France, Says Ministry