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Auburn police say carbon problem resolved in cruisers

06 Août 2017

The Auburn Police Department says the carbon monoxide issues they have been having with their Ford Explorers have been resolved. The department said the officer was exposed to carbon monoxide. Engineers pledged to stay in town until they could figure out what was wrong.

The Auburn Police Department said Saturday on its Facebook page that Ford engineers and Auburn mechanics have "corrected" the problem. The town tested all Ford Explorers used by different departments and removed 10 police department Explorers off the road.

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Here in Bozeman, no officers have reported any carbon monoxide-related issues, but the department is still taking the necessary precautions, inspecting and preparing all of their Ford Explorer cruisers. "He went through and verified that he couldn't verify that there was any carbon monoxide coming into the vehicles".

"The last thing we want them to have to do is also to think about whether the vehicle is hurting or making them sick, so whatever we can do to decrease their level of stress and worry, and also take away one little hazardous condition, is certainly something we're going to do,"said Veltkamp". Police say the modifications include removing exterior aftermarket emergency lighting, as well as sealing tail light wiring areas and replacing rear spoiler clips. Most departments appeared to be aware of the problem, and working to check CO levels in their vehicles.

Auburn police say carbon problem resolved in cruisers