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US Senate panel approves bill to suspend aid to Palestinians

04 Août 2017

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has passed a bill that could cut roughly $300 million in financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority, some of which it says, is allegedly being distributed among the families of slain Palestinian attackers and prisoners tried and convicted by Israel of murder and terrorism.

He also proposed that money should be released if the Palestinian Authority "initiated" the process to cease payments to terrorists, arguing that mandating full legislative repeal could be "too high of a hurdle" for the Palestinians.

The original language in the Taylor Force Act would have eliminated every dollar of American economic aid that flows directly to the West Bank and Gaza should the Palestinian Authority continue to pay stipends to reward terrorism.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) explained the man who killed Force was also killed, but he received a hero's welcome by the Palestinian Authority, who called him the pride of all young Palestinians.

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"This legislation will force the Palestinian Authority to make a choice", Corker said: "Either face the consequences of stoking violence or end this detestable practice immediately". The amount of the payment depends on the length of the jail sentence they receive for the crime, he said.

"We absolutely can not accept a policy that rewards acts of terrorism like the one that tragically took the life of Taylor Force", said Senator Bob Corker, Republican from Tennessee and chairman of the committee, referring to the namesake of the bill- a US Army veteran who was murdered in Jaffa previous year. In 2016, the PA only set aside $174,630,296 for the families.

The World Jewish Congress encouraged lawmakers to show the same bipartisan support when the act is brought to the Senate floor later this month.

To complement the legislation, ADL supports bilateral and multilateral incentives including direct pressure from the U.S., Europeans and others to compel the Palestinian Authority to stop paying terrorist families and to crack down on anti-Israel incitement from leading Palestinian political and religious figures. Four Senators, all Democrats, voted against the act. "This bill sends a clear message that the US will no longer tolerate the Palestinian Authority's practice of venerating and protecting those who carry out acts of terror, which only fuels more terrorism", he added. Sadly, the PA continues to deliver funds to people who have committed terrorist acts, or to their families, and the money is coming from USA aid - our tax dollars.

US Senate panel approves bill to suspend aid to Palestinians