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Warsaw's Legia out of Champions League

03 Août 2017

The club also held a minute of silence prior to kick-off, but it is the banner that is nearly certain to draw an investigation by UEFA.

One city which will never forget the atrocities during the 1940s is Warsaw, which played host to the now infamous 1944 uprising by the Polish population that eventually forced out their German occupiers.

But after 63 days - as Soviet leader Josef Stalin withheld troops in the hope the city would fall - hundreds of thousands were killed, mostly in mass executions by the Nazis and large parts of the city were completely destroyed.

Legia Warsaw, Poland's only team in European football association UEFA's Champions League, is out of the tournament despite defeating FK Astana 1:0 at home on Wednesday.

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The Polish champions are no strangers to controversy due to their Ultras.

Fighting Ultras were seen attacking security with pepper spray.

In 2014, UEFA charged the club over a display criticising their disputed exit from the Champions League.

Warsaw's Legia out of Champions League