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Samsung reveals some details about its upcoming wearable device

02 Août 2017

Samsung may be working on a brand new wearable device, at least if this latest leak is anything to go by. The information that Samsung has revealed suggests that it's more of a fitness tracker/smartwatch hybrid. Apparently, the device will take on the best bits from Gear S3 and Gear Fit 2.

SamMobile got their hands on an email from Samsung's SmartLab, and in it Samsung asks for an, "opinion on some taglines that are being considered for when promoting the below product".

When it comes to wearables, these devices are typically separated into two categories where one is a fitness tracker and one is a smartwatch.

The company says the new wearable will have a small body, with thin interchangeable straps so you can personalise it to your own tastes. The watch straps will be replaceable so that customers can personalize the look. The email also mentioned that the new device will be water resistant, which means users can wear it even while performing swimming workouts. Some of the other features that will be available on this wearable device are activity tracking, active sports, weight management, calorie management and coaching.

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"It features a revised user interface for improved widgets with glanceable information including progress towards your goals", it adds.

Samsung may be trying to blur the line between fitness trackers and smartwatches with this product.

The device will also issue alerts, asking you to stay active when on a flight and take breaks while driving. The company says that the device has been created to be something that customers can "wear all day from work to the gym".

Exactly what kind of device this ends up being remains to be seen, but IFA is around the corner and Samsung is expected to announce their Galaxy Note 8 handset then, so it is possible that the company could also unveil their next wearable as well.

Samsung reveals some details about its upcoming wearable device